Ped Code

The personality of your pets in colors

What is a code?

We answer it with another question… Why do we stop at the red color on a traffic light 🚦?

It’s because we adopt a color code, we know that the red (in one way or another) means danger.

Why is it necessary a Ped Code?

We, as professional petsitters, see the everyday relationship between pets, people and other pets. Accidents are due to communication problems; even more in common areas where the dogs, during a walk, interact with unknown people and animals.

In an ideal world, all our shaggy friends would have a high level of emotional intelligence and would know how to behave anywhere and with anyone, but the truth is that this doesn’t happen. Is totally true that the behavior of a pet could have its origin on a past trauma, but this shouldn’t stop us. It’s always a good time to do things better. All our conducts can be corrected with work and love.

What should we do then? (that was the last question, we promise)

We created a special color code for pets, so anyone who is in contact with our shaggies would know beforehand its personality. With this we prevent accidents and promote a healthy coexistence.

GREEN 💚 “Friendly” (with other pets and people)

BLUE 💙 “On service or in training for it” (i.e.: guide dogs for blind people)

YELLOW 💛 “Nervous” (get close with precaution because they might be unpredictable)

RED 🔴 “Warning” (no dogs or unknown people. Precaution)

PURPLE 💜 “Don’t feed this dog”

(There’s some dogs that are very curious, they take everything to their mouths and can suffer for unintentional poisoning. Don’t feed them so as not to encourage that behavior)

ORANGE 🧡 “No dogs” (dogs that still do not know how to behave with other dogs but do get along with people)

WHITE ⚪ “Blind or Deaf” (so you understand that this dog has a disability)

To change the world, we must start at home, so we are going to start using this color code with a cloth insignia on the collars of our All Mascot family. This way, when they go for a walk under our care, everyone may know about the personality of our shaggies.

Important: It’s not necessary to buy an expensive collar, just identify your shaggie with a cloth distinctive of the appropriate color.

Join the Pet Code! This way we promote the responsible ownership.

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