Our Values

Why should you choose us?

«It is enough for a person to decide to include a pet in their life to start a family»

We are motivated by the love, dedication, patience and protection of pets; with an approach on environmental respect. We can give you the support that you and your pet need at every moment of your lives.

Company leaded by Women

All Mascot started with the initiative of a woman, who has six years on the field and is the leader of the team: Fernanda (CEO) founder and professional pet caretaker.

Team All Mascot: Francisca (Marketing Manager) and Camila (Management Control Manager). Our team works based on respect and equity, because we are a family where working for gender equality and opportunity creation prevails.

National Services and Products

Focused towards "homemade"valorization, most of our partners are national brands and entrepreneurs.

We want to contribute not only to our country economy, but also to reduce our carbon footprint and strengthen links between the pet-lover community at Chile..


If we love pets, how could we not be ECOFRIENDLY?

We care about the environment, and that is why our commitment is to make the difference by example.

It is possible to have a pet and reduce its carbon footprint. We strive to share tools with the pet-lover community about eco-conscious habits.

Quality, Customization and Updates

We offer customized dedication for each of our clients, because every pet is unique..

Part of our philosophy is the is the education and responsible ownership of pets. Because of this, we ask for the compromise of the family in the development of a good coexistence of the pets as members of the family.

Is part of our commitment as a company to keep us up to date with the last trends and studies on the field to give a serious support to our All Mascot family so when you trust your pet-kids to us they would know they are in the best hands: loving, qualified and sustainable.

Because it’s always a good time to start doing the things better, we won’t stop!

All pictures are property of All Mascot. We reserve the copyright and the right to refuse admission.

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