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We receive your pet at the All Mascot home

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Designed for the Pet-kidwho are grown adults, handicapped, physically or pathologically ill; they are welcomed at a home and treated like a king.

We don’t use kennels or crates. Care modality offered by trained and equipped staff who look for keeping the lifestyle and routine of each of our Shaggies.

Monitoring and sending of pictures/videos of your pets.

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An All Mascot petsitter visits your pets or stays at your home to take care of them while you are out

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Designed for pets who get stressed when changing environments like: cats, rabbits, ferrets, squirrels, hedgehogs, hamsters, dogs who lives at the yard or big size dogs, those who posses more than one pet, nervous pets or pets who may cause damage to the petsitter home.

The petsitter stays at your home with your pets. Care modality offered by trained and equipped staff.

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60 minutes walks 100% devoted to the outdoor stimulation of your pet

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Walks adapted to the characteristics of each Shaggy with the purpose of reinforce and modify behaviors by means of positive reinforcement.

Monitoring and sending of pictures/videos of your pets.

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We help you to treasure memories with your pets

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Professional photography sessions, outdoors or at home, with a natural focus oriented to get true memories with your pets. Assisted by a canine trainer to help your Shaggy (in case it is a dog) to relax and focus during the session and a professional photographer with lots of experience in photography and studies in the area.

We also offer, as a plus, high quality print of pictures. Ask us for Further details.


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Pet assisting service for them to assist to your wedding and/or union celebration

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Don’t leave your best friend out of the most important day of your life! Dog-sons wedding assisting service. Assisted by professionals, who go with your pet to the ceremony, where they can assist as ring-bearers, pages or simply as public. We help you to capture the moment including them on the post-ceremony photography session.

We have 3 kinds of services, covering the needs of each dog and each owner requirements.

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Canine Training

We help your pet to have a healthy relationship with your family and its environment
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Training sessions distinguished by each owner and dog’s needs:

  • Advisory: for first timers and those who need a little paw.
  • Hygienic habits.
  • Obedience.
  • Correction of undesired behavior: designed for dogs with traumas, anxious, aggressive and wreckers giving them the support needed to correct their behavior.
  • We use alternative therapies such as reiki and Bach flower remedies

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Pet-kid oriented

The offered services are focused on pets who are members of our family, who live inside our house or apartment, have any delicate condition or those who are extremely indulged.

This is why the essence of our job is to make them feel comfortable and get them to fully enjoy moments with their All Mascot aunt or uncle.

Hosted pet profile

  • Indoor pets, regardless of its size.
  • Females in heat and races catalogued as dangerous are not accepted
  • The pet shall not be aggressive to humans and ideally to dogs.
  • Vaccinated pets (rabies, sextuple and octuple) and without viral or contagious diseases.

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